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'70s - Hema Malini & Dharmendra - Indian Cinema - VideoSpot.ME
Published: 9 years ago By: diwanee2

By: diwanee2Published: 9 years ago

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'70s Power Couple of Indian Cinema

Hema Malini and Dharmendra

The Indian Cinema (also referred to as Bollywood by European countries) is an unparalleled phenomenon, in that it cannot be replaced nor copied. It is the beauty, soul, and the enduring devotion of the people in India, where man and woman-kind of various cultures, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds have, for so many years, had the opportunity to be a part of. Some have loved it, some have liked it, and some have even criticized it. With all this said, though, what the recipients of these three sub-groups have obtained is the sorrows, the happiness, and the extreme dedication of the people of India through their art, literature, song, dance, and poetry: the true Hindustan.

It was as if gods and goddesses had planned their bond prior to their birth. Hema and Dharam gave new meanings to the words "Love" and "Affection". They trademarked them like no other!
The '70s was THE era of the two! If Indian Cinema had its own encyclopedia, Hema and Dharam's pictures would be accompanied next to that period. Hema and Dharam reigned during the '70s! They WERE the '70s! A film was not a hit if these two weren't part of it. Whether a film lacked that catchy plot, had a weakness in the musical department, or just wasn't interesting enough, one was guaranteed that it would be an all-time hit just by having the presence of the two. They were magic in every sense of the word! Geeta throwing knives at Raka with that inner glow was not just acting. "Basanti, tumhara naam kya hai?" - was not Veeru's nor Basanti's doings.
Said to have fallen in love on the set of "Sholay", though having had numerous other hits (such as "Seeta aur Geeta", the turning point for Hema's career, also earning her a Filmfare Best Actress Award), this inconceivable couple made history when Basanti danced with such rage, anger, and irateness to save her pillar and her other half, Veeru. "Haan, jab tak hai jaan, jaane jahan, main naachoongi" - went Basanti's lyrics. This was not acting! This was not the doings of a script, nor the altercations by Ramesh Sippy, the director. This, ladies and gentlemen, was Hema proposing her love towards Dharam. Her way of saying that she was not complete without him, and vice-versa. The moon had to be on its full form to glow!
She continued dancing on the broken glass, having feelings of exhaust and hyperventilation. He wanted her to stop, but she couldn't. No, she wouldn't! She had to save him! She didn't care for the dacoits surrounding her, nor did she take into consideration the amount of blood dripping from her feet, all cut by the shredded glass. Gabbar Singh was a nobody in her eyes! She had to save him! She had to!
There was Romeo and Juliet, Laila and Majnu, then, Hema and Dharam! Their story was not a legend, nor was it modified to catch more of the audience's attention. Both have contributed an immense deal to the cinema, in the process, being crowned as the #1 couple of ALL time! It's no wonder why foreigners traveled to great distances just to catch a glimpse of them on the screen. Through thick and thin, they have stood by each other, enlarging their love as time passes. Though no man or woman is immortal, they will always be present in the hearts of their TRUE fans wherever they go, whatever they encounter. Their story cannot be erased, nor can it be topped. They are the ideal couple! The 8th wonder of the world!

Singers: Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar
Movie: Abhilasha
MD: RD Burman

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