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Farishton ki Duniya ┇ Angel world ┇ LearnQuran.net - VideoSpot.ME
Published: 9 months ago By: IslamSearch

By: IslamSearchPublished: 9 months ago

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Following topics are covered in this playlist

☀ Farishton ki Duniya
☀ Farishte aur Insaan ka rishta
☀ Jinnat per eeman
☀ Allah ne Jinnat ko kaise paida kiya
☀ Jinnat ke aksaam
☀ Jinn kya khaate hain?
☀ Jinn kahan rehte hain?
☀ Jinn ki taaqat
☀ Jinn ki shorwaat kahan se howi?
☀ Hasad(jealousy) se bacho
☀ Shaitan ke tricks
☀ Jaadugar ka kya hoga?
☀ Jaado Kaise hota hai?

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