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Great quotes...What my mom wanted me to know. - VideoSpot.ME
Published: 8 years ago By: vickahn

By: vickahnPublished: 8 years ago

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Celebrate some of the greatest minds ever! Be Happy! Love Life! Enjoy every minute! Great Quotes, Great Music, and nature...Take a few minutes to relax, enjoy and be uplifted. My mother was a sweet and humble soul...she taught me to love the beauty of life. She was an artist, a teacher, a poet, and a great mom. This video is a collection of her favorite quotes and starts with her favorite Kipling quote... narrated by her, on a tape I found a year or so after she passed, I miss her, but her voice on this video reminding me what is impotant, is a comfort every time I hear it. When I was young, my mom would sit around the thanksgiving table and force us to listen to quotes from great men and women of all races and faiths and to appreciate them all. Now after a couple open heart surgeries I appreciate every quote I found in a scrapbook many years ago. More than 2,900 people enjoyed the original version...Now, edited with royalty free music.

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