[TheCave101] Dajjal, Mahdi, Isa (AS) & The Reality of the World Today (Anti-Christ/False Messiah) - VideoSpot.ME- World No.1 Video Portal

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[TheCave101] Dajjal, Mahdi, Isa (AS) & The Reality of the World Today (Anti-Christ/False Messiah) - VideoSpot.ME
Published: 3 years ago By: TheCave101

By: TheCave101Published: 3 years ago

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Without a doubt there is much confusion in the world today. Events are taking place in which Secular scholarship is unable to explain what is happening and why it is happening. Not only is Secular scholarship unable to explain, but religious texts are considered taboo among many people. A person wakes up believing in something and goes to sleep believing in the opposite as if the News/Mainstream Media is their only source of knowledge. Furthermore, Christians talk to great lengths about the End Times/End of the World, the Anti-Christ, etc., yet have very little in their books about either subject.

When we look into the Islamic traditions/Hadith regarding Dajjal (The False Messiah/Anti-Christ), the events that are taking place in the world suddenly become clear in its purpose and what is being planned for the future and why it is being planned. From irreligious social programming to global financial and resource dependency, we are nearing the completion a "project" planned many years ago---all for ad-Dajjal. A fact that even the US dollar bill clearly demonstrates.

In this video we take an in-depth look into ad-Dajjal, one of the ten major Signs of the End Times in Islam. We will examine the several Hadith on his appearance, his mission/purpose, the strategies he will use and the environment that is being paved for his arrival (the system). In addition, we will also look at some of the minor Signs of the End Times in Islam, al-Mahdi (his arrival and the major events to take place before his arrival, the Khilafah), the Malhamah and finally the return and 2nd coming of Prophet Isa/Jesus (AS). The importance and significance of Madina, Jerusalem, Damascus, Constantinople and the countries of Egypt and Iraq are all taken into consideration as well in relation to the events and individuals mentioned.

This documentary style video is the first of several on Islamic related topics, Inshallah.

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