DEATH SENTENCE for Yajuj-Majuj & NATO! (Featuring: Sheikh Imran Hosein) ('Verity' by Human Melody) - VideoSpot.ME- World No.1 Video Portal

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DEATH SENTENCE for Yajuj-Majuj & NATO! (Featuring: Sheikh Imran Hosein) ('Verity' by Human Melody) - VideoSpot.ME
Published: 9 months ago By: Human Melody

By: Human MelodyPublished: 9 months ago

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It is an honour for me to present an illustration/ exemplification of the worlds [of implications & Taweel] that are there within EACH deliberation/ utterance [of wisdom] from a true Man of Allah such as our blessed Teacher, Sheikh Imran Hosein (Rahmatullahi Alayhi).

That Dajjal [and his Yajuj-Majuj & minions] mimic the original/ REAL 'Truth' --- in their increasingly aggressive/unjust historical continuum of impersonation --- is clearest to those who have been subjected to and targeted by the diabolical 'system'/ 'web' of these Shayateen/ Khabees (wal Jinnati wan-Naas)! ...

Words cannot describe [esp. to ordinary people who led 'normal' lives] what UNTHINKABLE pains, horrors, disgust, suffering and life-damaging detriments can be imparted by the relentless wickedness/ Fasaad of this EVIL Yajuj Majuj kind and their initiates and serfs! ... While some people just read the Qur'an/ Scripture ... [SubhanAllah!] the real/ first hand victims of this Creed of Cain [who are still alive!] can completely "visualize" and understand the psyche-fracturing tears, horrors and pains with which those original Natives had begged Dhul Qarnayn to destroy this demonic-natured & [Harut-Marut-] occultocratic Yajuj Majuj! ...

And AlHamdulillahi Rabbil Al- Ameen, for Allah SWT never puts us [viz. the Ummah of Muhammad SAAS] to any daunting task without first sending us a Teacher and patriarch like our most beloved and cherished Sheikh Imran Hosein (Rahmatullahi Alayhi)! Allahu Akbar!

[Soundtrack: "VERITY" by Human Melody.]

[Some VSTs used : Aethereal, Angular Momentum, Arpy, Big Tick Audio, Sytrus, and Korg & other free Soundfonts.]

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